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My 29th Time Around the Sun

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This is it: T-Minus 365 days until I'm 30.

Yes, that really is what it's about: I'm most terrified of turning 29 because it means in only one more year, […]

The Other Side of the Coin


I want to make it clear that I do not promote emotional eating as per my last piece.

What I want to make known is that I do not promote the […]

Chocolate Meltdown


It was four bags of kale chips, one sea salt and dark chocolate bar, one Aero bar, one grande Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks with 35% whipping cream instead of milk, […]

Low-Carb Hot Chocolate


Do you know the secret to a delicious hot chocolate? Coconut Butter!

Coconut butter which you can get from Nutiva (called Coconut Manna) or Artisana is a combination of the […]

Paleo Cupcakes for The Cheaters!


I cheated this weekend. It was a torrid love affair involving luscious lubricants like coconut oil and butter, sweet honey, a touch of aphrodisiac vanilla. And coconut flour all over.


HEROs 2013!


Hi Gang,

I've been slaving over one of my other loves: the HEROs Business Course at CCNM. I'm a busy full-time med student and a mama, but I am so […]

Nature Walks: Osprey Marsh


I don't know about where you live, but Toronto is finally shaping up with a mighty decent 'Indian Summer.' The craptacular rain of summer has passed and this is the […]

Monday Just Move It Video


One thing is for certain: New Mama's got barely any time to exercise.

Exercise is a structured thing that usually occurs in a one-hour window, three times per week. With […]

Toothpaste Review: Ecodent DailyCare


I told you I was a cosmetics floosy. Up until today I had three different toothpastes in my shower: a homemade, a tube of Earthpaste, and this little powder gem […]

Air-Bathing: The Health Benefits of Nudity

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Labour Day Monday.

It was the Sun's Kiss Goodbye to Toronto. Sure, she'd show up two weeks later in a last-ditch effort of an Indian Summer. But we all knew […]