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The 4th Year Clinician’s Guide to Thriving in Preview

Dr. Erica Robinson - Professional Women's Health

It took our cohort, the Class of 2014, a few months too many to develop succinct preview skills. Luckily for those trained by Dr. Malone she taught us how to […]

How To Build Your Practice in 4th Year


I was approached on my way out of the cafe last Friday by a colleague about to enter their 4th year Clinical Internship, right as we - 2014 grads - […]

Low-Carb Hot Chocolate


Do you know the secret to a delicious hot chocolate? Coconut Butter!

Coconut butter which you can get from Nutiva (called Coconut Manna) or Artisana is a combination of the […]

Paleo Cupcakes for The Cheaters!


I cheated this weekend. It was a torrid love affair involving luscious lubricants like coconut oil and butter, sweet honey, a touch of aphrodisiac vanilla. And coconut flour all over.


Toothpaste Review: Ecodent DailyCare


I told you I was a cosmetics floosy. Up until today I had three different toothpastes in my shower: a homemade, a tube of Earthpaste, and this little powder gem […]

The Bees Knees Beeswax Candles


I have enjoyed burning beeswax candles for several years now, and promptly ditched their chemical cousins (with fake scents and aromas) many years ago. The outer world is polluted enough, […]

Aromatherapy To Go


I have a new toy I really enjoy and wanted to share with you: an electric aromatherapy diffuser for your car!

Remember how those typical car scenters were filled with […]

Put Some Pep In Your Step: A Shower Cleaner Recipe


Yesterday's text convo went like this:

Me: "Guess what I'm doing?...... Cleaning the bathroom!!!"

The Osteopath: "O..M..F..G!"

Yeah, cleaning bathrooms, not so much my thing. He's been volun-told to clean […]

Kombucha Batchin’


I used to brew the 'bucha until I got pregnant and the smell became overwhelmingly repulsive. Anything in the heat of my old apartment didn't stand a chance, let alone […]

This Butter is Better


We're on a Grass Fed kick, check out yesterday's article. Obviously grass affects not only the meat of animals but also it's milk. Likewise it's butter. Butter is better from […]