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Back At The Ranch


Another day on the Farm.

My morning had been hectic, screaming child, not enough coffee, never enough sleep, my heart felt like it was in a vice grip giving her […]

From The Barracks: Part 2


"The difference between us is that men are always after you; not the case for me! Sometimes (or often) feels empty, but I don't necessarily dwell on it."

It was […]

Writing You from the Barracks

Dear ____, (all of you lovely readers), I'm writing you from the barracks of NPLEX2 studying. Our boards are 1 week away, but this entry was written many weeks ago.


Miss Single Mama: Take Two


Writing this blog the first go proved difficult. This is take two!

Admittedly I am Miss Single Naturo-Mama again. In a nutshell:

I became Single Mama-to-be at 7 months pregnant

Consolidating for Success


Recently one of my business coaches spoke of a few rules in eliminating 'low-vibrational' habits that can detract from your success. The goal was truly to *Consolidate* our energy, so […]

Miss Single Mama


It's true, in February I returned to Miss Single Mama status, reclaiming where I left off a year prior.

While I had left one relationship, finally stopped grieving over it only […]

Yes, I Had Vagina Surgery

Surprised woman isolated against white background

Okay let's be anatomically correct here, it was *vulva* surgery.

And if you were thinking I got surgery for my grade 1  bladder prolapse, you are majora-ly wrong. Grade 1 […]

Six Months Gluten-Free


Today marks 6 months of going gluten-free!

When I was 21 I was in total denial that perhaps gluten was at the basis of perpetuating my post-infectious (post-parasite) IBS. How […]

Why I Still Love the Paleo Label

photo 1 (4)

Yeah I get it, life is about eating whole food, not too much, mostly plants, and why must we label it or ourselves?

I'm not *really*. For the past three […]

The 4th Year Clinician’s Guide to Thriving in Preview

Dr. Erica Robinson - Professional Women's Health

It took our cohort, the Class of 2014, a few months too many to develop succinct preview skills. Luckily for those trained by Dr. Malone she taught us how to […]