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Killer Hot Chocolate

This is the hot chocolate recipe revisited, amazing again nonetheless!

As the days get colder, a warming drink like this is always welcome.

The good part?  It's dairy-free. Most children with ADHD, autism, behavioural issues, skin issues (like eczema), lung issues (like asthma), and digestive issues would do well to avoid dairy. Furthermore, so would […]

How To Stay Awake Without Coffee…. Or Energy Drinks

So you want to stay awake without coffee.  Perhaps because you've already had six cups today and you've decided that's about enough.  Or perhaps you just need to pull one final all-nighter for the week since your microbiology exam is tomorrow at 9 and you're looking for alternative solutions.  Here are my tried-and-true tips for […]

Hello Fall Food!

"Only in Toronto do they consider the Labour Day weekend - or more appropriately the end of the CNE - the End of Summer!" my Quebec-born uncle exclaimed.  How true it is, friends, because we still have a good few weeks left until Fall officially joins the party.  I for one have already gotten a […]

Grab That Coffee: Latte Recipe

Coffee is my favourite drug.  That's a fact, or two really: Of all the drugs, coffee is my favourite (but that's also kind of like saying James is my favourite brother... he's my Only brother!) And secondly, coffee is a drug indeed. Think about it: coffee is the widest used drug on the planet!  And […]

Tea Time

>White tea steeped for 17 minutes too long thanks to my Aquarian mindset is bitter-city tannin central. I wish I could remember what I'm doing. I always finish my tasks but perhaps not in proper sequence, as it can be somewhat detrimental when cooking or making tea. On that note I'm thinking I need more […]