Natural Oral Care and a Toothpaste Recipe

This is the second time I’ve made natural toothpaste, now a year after the first, and I’ve changed up the initial recipe a bit so I’m calling it 2.0.

Among my passions, natural oral care is near the top of the list.  When you realize you’ve been screwed over by mainstream dentistry for 20 years, that tends to happen.  Twenty cavities, two root canals, two crowns, two years of headgear and two years of braces later, I’ve finally figured out how to care for my own teeth, something not a single dentist ever taught me.  (What are we actually paying them for?  It’s sick care not health care, they only fix our problems after they’ve occured and do nothing to educate us on how to prevent them.  Flossing and brushing don’t actually prevent the issues, there’s more to it.)

A revisiting of how to care for your own teeth for life:
  • Pray your mum had lots of vitamin K2 while you were in-utero
  • Hope to be breastfed exclusively at the breast (not a bottle) for 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding till 2+years of age
  • Be raised on a whole foods diet with lots of roughage, mimicking that of our paleolithic ancestors
  • Maintain an alkalizing diet of 80% alkaline foods (veggies, fruits) and 20% acid-forming foods (animal meats, grains, legumes) – your plate should have one hand-sized portion of acid-forming (meat) and 4 hand-sized portions of veggies
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Floss daily
  • Brush twice daily with natural toothpaste – avoiding chemicals like SLS
  • Ensure a dry polishing using an electric toothbrush and some baking soda
  • Avoid commercial mouthwash, rinse with sea salt and water (or Tooth Swish)
  • See a hygienist twice yearly for scaling, avoiding the fluoride rinse and possibly the polishing

I really like:

  • Using my own natural toothpaste
  • Following it up with Living Libations oral care (healthy gum drops, tooth truth powder polish and neem re-enamelizer)
  • Rinsing with Tooth Swish after brushings and after any snacks / meals / drinks (makes the mouth alkaline again which drives mineral flow into the teeth to strengthen enamel; an acidic mouth causes minerals to leech from the teeth)

Without further adieu, here is my Natural Toothpaste 2.0, based on this recipe:


  1. Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly
  2. Melt coconut oil in double-boiler method, it won’t take long
  3. Add essential oils to coconut oil, shouldn’t be too hot
  4. Add liquid soap to coconut oil, mix / stir the liquids
  5. Pour the liquids into the powders and mix thoroughly until a paste forms
  6. Optional: cut open an old toothpaste container and clean it out then spoon in and pack down the paste, closing it off with a clothespin, bag clip or black clip
  7. Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your toothbrush and brush away!
  8. Use up within two months.  I made this arbitrary number up.  But because it has no preservatives, I’d be concerned about letting it go on any longer.  Call me a chemist to come do some microbial studies, and I’ll get you a better time frame for expiration.

Be careful because this isn’t as soft as regular toothpaste, it’s more like clay and can easily fall off your toothbrush.  I found it had a nice minty flavour, but nowhere near the artificial minty-ness of crest – don’t expect that kind of chemical tingle since this is all-natural.  I’m still developing a minty mouthwash to follow-up with to get that super fresh breath feel.  The boyfriend verdict?  He liked it but also says it could be smoother – see below.

As for the future (3.0), I need to see if I can make this a bit pastier – smoother.  Possibly adding some water in which to first dissolve the salts, some other type of clay aside from the calcium carbonate.  With water in the recipe, preservative will need to be added – possibly grapefruit seed extract, however it is believed now that it only works because it contains synthetic preservative, so I’m on the lookout for something more natural.  If you try this recipe, let me know how else you’d tweak it!

What’s it Good For?

  • Calcium carbonate: alkalizing, cleansing, polishes the teeth
  • Baking soda: cleanses the teeth and breath, alkalizing, decreases dental plaque acidity, prevents dental carries, inhibits plaque formation, increases calcium uptake to the enamel, and is less abrasive than commercial toothpaste(1)
  • Xylitol: a sugar alcohol that helps to prevent cavities 
  • Sea Salt: mineral-rich to help re-enamelize the teeth, antibacterial, and alkalizing
  • Castille soap: gently cleansing
  • Coconut oil: traditionally used in Ayurvedic oral care as “oil pulling” to help whiten teeth, freshen breath and heal bleeding gums as well as pull toxins from teeth and gums(1)
  • Peppermint: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidant and inhibits the bacteria that cause tooth decay(1)
  • Spearmint: anti-fungal and antioxidant, with less menthol than peppermint but a great flavour

PS: Abrasivity indexes here – baking soda has an abrasivity rating of 7, Colgate a rating of 200 – the FDA maximum!  So don’t give me this “baking soda is too abrasive for my teeth” BS.  The commercial toothpaste companies are feeding it to you.

(1)Successful Self-Dentistry: How to avoid the dentist without ignoring your teeth – Nadine Artemis


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Comments to “Natural Oral Care and a Toothpaste Recipe”

  1. I agree with you, it is better to care your teeth using the natural oral care products. The recipe which you have shared would definitely help in a healthier teeth and gum. I guess it would be beneficial compared to the other toothpastes which are available in the market.


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  4. I love that you’re into natural dentistry! Who would have thought? I still use the tooth paste you gave me (version 1.0)! I will be making some of this and perhaps using some info from this post to make a patient handout (crediting you, of course!). Great info!

    • Administrator

      Yes I am obsessed with natural dentistry! Obsessed. Need to read more when this school thing isn’t in my way. I want to create whole generations of children with perfect teeth, just my goal. And the regular dentists ain’t helping us in that regard! If you make the recipe ditch the salt it’s too salty.

  5. Administrator

    Note: when the coconut oil hardened it got very difficult to squeeze the paste from the tube without the back end exploding open. I now keep it in a jar