There are currently no workshops running, check back in Spring 2012!

Courses Offered:

Intro to Paleo

The Paleolithic Diet is taking the world by storm because of its huge success levels and ability to help or aid in reversing virtually every imbalance in the body.  In this 2-hour workshop we show you the quick points on why it is imperative for health, what this most heavily-researched diet is showing (and promising) for health, and why the Paleolithic Diet is not a fad diet but the Human Diet.  Lose weight, reverse disease, and look good naked – find out how as we tie in the dietary approach that is simple as ever.  I personally synthesize all the research for you into a quick and easy-to-digest format so you can start incorporating it right away and know where to go for the research behind it.

Exercise Prescription for Your Patients

This workshop for future and existing NDs and other Health Care Providers focuses on delivering Exercise Prescription to your patients with Safety and Efficacy.  Most medical programs lack any formal training on the topic, but the recommendations for a person with hypertension vs. asthma vs. osteopororsis all differ greatly. We focus on prescriptions for general health, weight loss, and the top chronic conditions in this 2-hour workshop delivered by Certified Kinesiologists with several years’ clinical experience.

Nutrition Base Program

Are you interested in learning how to improve your health with good nutrition?  Are you tired of trying to decipher all the info out there?  Would you like to feel how your health can radically change just by making simple changes in what you eat?

Join us for a life-changing 6-week nutrition program that gives you the solid basis to make healthy nutrition choices!

Learn How Proper Nutrition Can:

  • Help prevent weight gain or re-balance your weight
  • Positively impact or help prevent many health conditions (including obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBS, heartburn, type 2 diabetes, skin conditions, cancer & age-related conditions)
  • Help you think sharper and be more productive
  • Help you glow with vibrant health
  • Allow you to have a high-quality life at ANY age!

Stop dieting this year and start living!  Learn how truly delicious whole foods and good nutrition can help you achieve a whole life full of enjoyment, balance, and good health!

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